To & From LAX, 2010 – 2015, 25 channel public video installation at LAX airport

Chip Lord

Selected Video Work

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Greetings from Amarillo (Excerpt)

2016, HD Video, Original music by Hayden Pedigo, TRT 15 min.

“Greetings from Amarillo” is structured around a five song EP by Hayden Pedigo and begins and ends at Cadillac Ranch, a site specific installation in Amarillo, Texas by Ant Farm, Lord, Marquez, Michels, 1974.

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Miami Beach Elegy

2018, single HD Video, TRT 27 min.

A visual poem to remember Miami Beach as it was in the early 21st Century – a colorful canary in the mine-shaft of climate change.


Media Burn: Ant Farm and the Making of an Image

By Steve Seid.
Co-published by Inventory Press and RITE Editions. 
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Edition of 10
Signed by the artist




The Present is the Form of All Life The Time Capsules of Ant Farm and LST

Authors: Ant Farm + LST
Published by Pioneer Works, 2016

Chip Lord: The New Cars 2021

Edition of 10
Signed by the artist